Friday, October 16, 2009

Unfortunate Events

I have been very carefull to control my temper because no good can come of a pissed off bing with ten years plus worth of pent up aggression. Yet it just seems that despite all my efforts there are those out there who would thwart them by continuiously acting like dip shots. Thus I can say unfortunatly the straw was tossed and the camel has been broken. From now on it will be my pleasure to take my wrath out on whom ever I chose. My cause is righteous. My pain has ceased to exist. All that remains at this point is a hearty heafty serving of justice.

I will take many forms in the days to come. Some of them will not be pretty. I have said it before and I have maintained it. I will do what I must to protect my people. Even if I am the last one. Tonight we mourn for the loss of innocence. Tomorrow we go to war.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Glamerous Mess

I am not perfect by anyones standards. Well at least not anyone outside of the loving supportative circle of friends who are there to catch me when I fall from grace. They love me. Parents, bosses, family members and boyfriends...not so much. Its like any one who I would need to impress to get ahead in my job or love life I manage to isolate myself from. Career wise, you know the part that builds up the self owned buisness and rolls in a profit. That part is full steam ahead.
Unfortunatly the problem is thats when the inner bitch comes out. We're not talking your average run of the mill bitch either. We're talking end of days; hell hath no furry; holy woman vengance style bitch. I tried to be domestic. I tried to be a good little gal and get married and settled do what I had to. That however didn't work. So now I just feel the over whelming urge to get back at everyone who ever spited, stood up, stood on, sho, shape shifted or just out right annoyed me. Unfortunatly that sometimes happens to be the one you're married to. then you just have to walk away.
As for every one else...good luck you poor bastards.